36 Inch Tinner's Lantern with Chisel in Blackened Tin
36" Tinner's Lantern - Chisel Design


36 Inch Tinner's Lantern with Star in Rustic Tin
36" Tinner's Lantern - Star Design


Blacksmith Lantern Chisel design Finished In Rustic Tin
Blacksmith Lantern - 27 inch - Chisel Design


Blacksmith Lantern Star Design Finished In Blackened Tin
Blacksmith Lantern - 27 inch - Star Design


Fireside Lantern With Chisel in Blackened Tin
Fireside Lantern - Chisel Design


Lakeview Lantern In Sturbridge Red
Irvin's Lakeview Lantern



Let us take you back to the 18th century, whose quality lighting we have painstakingly sought to emulate with each unique piece that leaves our workshop. Our skilled craftsmen build, finish and inspect each of our products by hand. All of our lanterns are available in both Candle and Electric w/Plug-In options.