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Best Lantern Outdoor Light Store

Country Living Primitives the lantern outdoor light connection featuring colonial outdoor lighting and lantern outdoor lighting. The lantern outdoor lighting field is vast with varying degrees of craftsmanship and quality, be wary of inferior imitation products. Colonial exterior lighting should always be constructed of solid metal and glass to withstand the elements.

Plastics are not viable options for lantern fixtures exposed to the elements, extreme heat and sunlight tend to soften and deform plastics allowing your lantern outdoor light to warp. In colder climates harsh winter weather and freezing temperatures may cause plastic colonial exterior lighting to become brittle and crack.

Katie’s lighting products are handcrafted by colonial outdoor lighting specialists backed by over 20 years of experience. Each lantern outdoor light fixture is hand inspected before it is finished and shipped to assure it meets the high quality standards necessary for long term exposure to the weather.

Colonial, Cottage, Country Lantern Outdoor Lighting, with Hanging Lights

If you are in the market for an outdoor lighting wall lantern the Danbury collection of outdoor light lanterns is second to none in the lanterns outdoor lighting field. This fine colonial outdoor lights collection features solid metal and brass outdoor post lighting and outdoor hanging lights that compliment both country outdoor lighting and cottage outdoor lighting styles. Step up in quality with Colonial Outdoor Lighting from Katie’s Light House today.

Our hanging lantern outdoor lighting lineup includes a beautiful primitive outdoor Danbury light which measures 16” x 8” x 6” and is available with a metal crossbar option. This outdoor lantern comes equipped with 4 seedy glass panes, to give it an authentic primitive look. If you are in the market for a lantern outdoor light check out our selection of colonial outdoor lighting and lantern outdoor lighting, you will be glad you did.

Country Living Primitives is a Primitive Décor and Chandelier Lighting online store. Our main offerings include: Handcrafted Furniture and Country Antiques for your home or business. 

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