Katie's Abigail Wood Chandelier Finished In Black, Mustard Crackle
Abigail Wooden Chandelier by KHL


Katie's Anderson House Chandelier Finshed In Pumpkin Spice
Anderson House Wooden Chandelier by KHL


Katie's Charleston Chandelier Finished In Black Over Spicy Mustard With Red Trim
Charleston Wooden Chandelier by KHL


Katie's Handcrafted Lighting Chesapeake Mini Wood Chandelier Pictured In Early American Finish: Base Coat Color = Massicot, Top Coat Color = Black, Trim Color = Cottage Red
Chesapeake Mini Wooden Chandelier By Katie's


Katie's Chesapeake Wood Chandelier Finished In Massicot, Black, Cottage Red
Chesapeake Wooden Chandelier By Katie's


Katie's Frederick Mini Wood Chandelier Finished In Pumpkin Spice
Frederick Mini Wooden Chandelier By Katie's


Katie's Frederick Wood Chandelier Finished In Black, Buttermilk Crackle
Frederick Wooden Chandelier By Katie's


Katie's Hamilton Chandelier Finished In Early American Finish, Michael' Cherry With Black Trim
Hamilton Wooden Chandelier by KHL


Irvin's Bed & Breakfast Chandelier Finished In Hartford Mustard Over Red
Irvin's Bed & Breakfast Wooden Chandelier ...


Irvin's Bellview Chandelier In Americana Black Over Red
Irvin's Bellview Wooden Chandelier In Amer...


Irvin's Cambridge Chandelier In Americana Black Over Red Finish
Irvin's Cambridge Wooden Chandelier In Ame...


Country Inn Chandelier In Americana Vintage White
Irvin's Country Inn Wooden Chandelier In A...



Primitive Chandeliers & Wooden Chandeliers Shop

Country Living Primitives is an authorized dealer of premier wood chandeliers and primitive chandeliers by Irvin’s Tinware, Katie’s Lighthouse and Lt Moses Willard. Whose skilled craftsmen take pride in each 18th century primitive wood chandelier they produce, striving for heirloom quality. Every fixture is carefully handcrafted and hand finished, then inspected before being shipped to assure it exceeds the highest standards. Step up to superior quality wooden chandeliers from Irvin’s, Katie’s or Lt. Moses, you will be glad you did.

All wooden chandeliers come with a minimum of 18” of chain and a hanging hardware and canopy set. When hanging your fixture be sure to hang it with a minimum of 6’6” clearance under the bottom of the chandelier, for hanging primitive chandeliers over a table place them at least 30” above the surface of the table. For more information on installation visit our Chandelier Installation Page.

What Size Wood Chandelier Do I Need?

When looking for wood chandelier lighting there are several things to consider, first of all is the chandelier going to be the main source of light in the room or will there be another source of light? Then you need to determine how many watts or lumens you will need from the fixture. For help with this visit our Colonial Lighting Page.

Once you have determined the approximate amount of watts necessary you can find the amount of watts each chandelier is rated for in the item description. Is the fixture designed for 25 watt, 40 watt or 60 watt bulbs? Next multiply this wattage by the number of sockets on your chandelier, now you have the maximum wattage for the chandelier.

Just because a wood chandelier meets the minimum wattage requirement for your room doesn’t mean it will look right in your setting. You also need to consider the size of the chandelier in comparison to the room size. Wooden chandeliers that are too big in proportion to the room will be overwhelming, while to small will look lost or out of place.

In most homes the following primitive chandeliers rule of thumb applies:

·        For rooms 10’ x 10’ and smaller use a 17”-20” diameter chandelier.

·        For rooms 12’ x 12’ use a 20”–27” diameter chandelier.

·        For rooms 14’ x 14’ use a 24”-36” diameter chandelier.

Feel free to contact us with all your country, primitive and colonial lighting needs. Country Living Primitives is a Primitive Country Decor and Chandelier Lighting online store. Our main offerings include: Handcrafted Furniture, Colonial Chandeliers, and Primitive Decor for your home or business.