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For 20+ years Timeless Lighting has been handcrafting chandeliers, lanterns, sconces and other custom light fixtures from their workshop in Vermont. Each Timeless fixture is carefully crafted and then hand painted making it a truly unique one of a kind fixture. Styles include Classic Country lighting, Period style light fixtures, Early American and Colonial style lighting.

Many of the light fixtures that are crafted in the Timeless workshop are being produced with the same tools and techniques which were used over 100 years ago. This provides you with a design that has stood the test of time as well as having some historical ties to the past. TImeless Lighting chandeliers & lighting products are UL listed.


Timeless Lighting Wood Colors:

 Timeless Chandelier Finsih Color - Black  Timeless Chandelier Finsih Color - Mustard  Timeless Chandelier Finsih Color - Plantation Red
 Satin Black Valley Forge  Mustard  British Red
 Timeless Chandelier Finsih Color - Rittenhouse Ivory  Timeless Lighting Finish Color: Pearwood  Timeless Chandelier Finsih Color - Plantation Red
 Rittenhouse Ivory  Pearwood  Plantation Red
 Timeless Lighting Finish Color: Navy Blue  Timeless Lighting Finish Color: Soldier Blue  Timeless Chandelier Finish Color: New England Red
 Navy Blue  Soldier Blue  New England Red
 Timeless Chandelier Finsih Color - Windsor Green  Timeless Lighting Finish Color: Colonial White  Timeless Lighting Finish Color: Salem Brick
 Windsor Green  Colonial White  Salem Brick
 Timeless Lighting Finish Color: Yorktown Green  Timeless Lighting Finish Color: Pure White  Timeless Lighting Finish Color: Antique Pewter
 Yorktown Green  Pure White  Antique Pewter