Large Amherst Hanging Light by Irvin's Tinware
Irvin's Amherst Hanging Light - Large


Small Amherst Hanging Light by Irvin's Tinware
Irvin's Amherst Hanging Light - Small


Barrington Chandelier Finished In Kettle Black by Irvin's Tinware
Irvin's Barrington Chandelier


Barrington Large Bar Light by Irvin's Tinware
Irvin's Barrington Large Bar Light


Barrington Medium Bar Light Finished In Kettle Black by Irvin's Tinware
Irvin's Barrington Medium Bar Light


Bloomfield Wrought Iron Chandelier by Irvin's Tinware, Finished In Powder Coated Black
Irvin's Primitive Bloomfield 2 Tier Chande...


Primitive Wrought Iron Chandelier
Irvin's Primitive Chandelier - Large 5 Arm


Primitive 3 Arm Wrought Iron Chandelier By Irvin's Tinware, Finished In Textured Black
Irvin's Primitive Chandelier - Small 3 Arm


Irvin's Tinware Large Georgetown Chandelier In Textured Black Finish
Irvin's Primitive Georgetown Chandelier - ...


Irvin's Tinware Small Georgetown Chandelier Finished In Textured Black Finish
Irvin's Primitive Georgetown Chandelier - ...


Sheraton Wrought Iron Chandelier by Irvin's Tinware
Irvin's Primitive Sheraton Chandelier


Adams Wrought Iron Chandelier
Katie's Adams 2-Tier Wrought Iron Chandelier



Best Wrought Iron Chandelier Store

Country Living Primitives is your Wrought Iron Chandelier center with electric Wrought Iron Chandeliers in a number of designs and even a Wrought Iron Candle Chandelier to compliment your colonial decor. If you prefer the look of antique wrought iron chandeliers why not consider one of our wrought iron candle chandeliers?

Wrought iron lighting is our specialty with both iron chandeliers and wood wrought iron chandelier combinations available. Have limited space? Try one of our petite model chandeliers measuring just 14 inches wide, for larger rooms and foyers choose one of our large wrought iron chandeliers such as the Monticello measuring 32” wide.

If you think classy means wrought iron crystal chandeliers think again, the Washington Wood 2 Tier Wrought Iron Chandelier will give any wrought iron crystal chandelier a run for its money. Black wrought iron chandeliers lend themselves to upscale décor as easily as they do to primitive country applications. Wrought iron chandeliers can give you an upscale appearance without the upscale price tag.

Large, Black, Rustic Wrought Iron Chandeliers and More

A Rustic Wrought Iron Chandelier makes a great addition to your home décor while illuminating even the darkest corners with a soft radiant glow. Rustic wrought iron chandeliers are available in a number of models with varying lighting capabilities. When purchasing a wrought iron chandelier be sure to buy enough of lighting capacity, large wrought iron chandeliers can always be toned down with a dimmer switch.

Wrought iron chandeliers add a simple beauty to almost any room in your home, with finishes ranging from black iron to vibrant color. Our black wrought iron chandelier with natural antique tin finish has the appearance of a genuine antique wrought iron chandelier or iron chandeliers can be painted in the colors of your choice. Consider the beauty of a wrought iron chandelier in traditional black or a wrought iron candle chandelier finished in buttermilk over red, whatever your choice all wrought iron chandeliers from Katie’s Light House are of heirloom quality. 

Country Living Primitives is a Primitive Décor and Chandelier Lighting online store. Our main offerings include: Handcrafted Furniture and Country Antiques for your home or business.