The Country Decor Handbook - Your Guide To Primitive Country Decorating

Browse our collection of country decor resources for decorating ideas and helpful tips to transform your house into home. Looking for answers to your primitive lighting questions? We have compiled some resources to assist you in your search for the perfect fixture.


  1. Country Decor and Your Home
  2. Primitive Decor
  3. LED Light Bulbs vs. Incandescent Bulbs 
  4. How Much Light Do I Need? 
  5. What Size Chandelier Should I Buy?
  6. Chandelier Installation Guide
  7. Wall Sconce Installation Guide
  8. Primitive Lighting Manufacturers
  9. Colonial Home Makeovers
  10. Country Lighting
  11. Primitive Lighting
  12. Wood Chandeliers
  13. Wrought Iron Chandeliers
  14. Primitive Chandelier Care
  15. Decorating Tips
  16. Country Decor And Wood
  17. Spring Home Makeovers
  18. Summer Home Makeovers
  19. $50 Room Makeovers
  20. Outdoor Country Decor
  21. Christmas Decorating Ideas
  22. Country Kitchen Chandeliers
  23. Country Kitchens
  24. Primitive Dining Rooms
  25. DIY Lighting Guide

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Thanks for the calculation formula, I never was sure how to figure out the amount of light needed in each room of my house. We always ended up with to little or to much, now I know. Thanks again for all the good info.