Vintage Creations By Sam

Amish Handcrafted Primitive Furniture by Vintage Creations By SamWelcome to Vintage Creations By Sam. Please sit back, relax and enjoy your visit into the past. Our furniture collection is handcrafted paying careful attention to details of bygone years. We are sure you will be pleased with our furniture which is hand crafted on the workbenches of Dutch Country Pennsylvania by local Amish craftsman. 

All our primitive furniture is hand made, hand sanded and hand finished. We use a 9 step finishing technique to reflect years of toil and use into the furniture finish. Through the use of the highest quality finish available, we provide your family years of use and enjoyment. 

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Amish Handcrafted Furniture

Vintage Creations by Sam is owned and operated by a Pennsylvania Amish family. The Stoltzfus family has been handcrafting furniture for 4 generations, with each generation passing on the skills of fine craftsmanship to the next one.

We recognize today's consumer has a vast array of choices when it comes to shopping for furniture, however not all furniture is created equal. While discount stores may be retailing furniture at bargain prices, often times are selling an inferior product. Many of these products are mass produced in manufacturing facilities aboard using manufactured wood instead of solid wood. Pressboard, flakeboard, processed wood and automated production lines may keep costs down but they tend to produce an inferior quality product.

Over the years Amish handcrafted has become synonmous with quality craftsmanship. Bring together the several generations of knowledge and expertise that our Amish craftsman possess, the highest quality solid pine wood available, and a highly specialized finishing process and it produces the heirlooms of tommorrow. 

Primitive Furniture

Vintage Creations by Sam distinguishes itself from the primitive furniture crowd with its one of a kind primitive and yet elegant finish. The consumer is offered 3 choices in finish grade to accomodate their personal tastes. Distressed, Antique, or Milk finish, whatever your finish choice we offer a number of color combinations and Amish handcrafted furniture designs.

Our Distressed Finish starts with our high quality finishes, which a given lightly rubbed edges & wear spots to create a time worn feel. The distressed finish is not a high gloss finish, if you desire a bit more of a glossy finish we offer the distressed look with a coat of varnish to give it a polished appearance.

Our Antiqued Finish llows you to create an antique of yesteryear. The antique finish has a very old, gracefully aged appearance with worm holes, cracks, a bit of crackle and heavy wear spots often revealing another color underneath the top coat of finish. Antique finish tends to darken lighter colors and is topped with a coat of dull precrystalized varnish. This finish will not have a high gloss appearance unless you have us add additional layers of varnish.

Our Milk Paint Finish is a hand brushed, slightly crackled finish and top coated with hand rubbed wax. Milk Paint is organic, nontoxic, enviromentally safe and durable. It is made from natural materials such as milk, clay, lime, etc. and tinted with earth pigments. This is the finish that was used in the Early American times.

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